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UCA Degree Show

UCA Degree Show

Welcome back!

Today we thought we would give our attention to the graduates this year from UCA in Canterbury, our local creatives University. We were excited to have an invitation through our door to attend. So we got the MOTEL team together to see the next generation of top creative talent.It was refreshing to see young creatives proud of their work and the number of people that attended the show. With drinks flowing and live music, we were feeling the warm welcome from UCA.

As we were making our way around the show we were impressed by so many students’ work, some of our personal favourites were Sally Holgate from BA (Hons) Visual Communications/Graphic Design making a tribute to Rochester fast food and how covid has affected these restaurants.Another one of our favourites was Wing Tung Ho from BA (Hons) Illustration and Animation. Showing what we can do with used coffee grounds. We immediately had a smile on our faces at the sight of coffee as the motel team loves coffee and encouraged us to think about what happens after the cup is finished.

Hannah Pearson from Fine Art BA (Hons) also made an impression on us with her fantastic eye for detail when drawing leaves to show the structure of the world.After the show, the MOTEL team headed into Canterbury to discuss what we had seen at the show. Over drinks (many) we discussed the possibility of a summer intern joining the MOTEL team, something we are still looking to explore.

If you are interested in this opportunity to join a creative brand agency for the summer, please get in contact with us through social links or by emailing:

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