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Brand Identity

Power your growth with a new or refreshed Brand Identity.

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The Challenge behind a strong brand identity

Is your brand camouflaging a hidden gem? You've got an unbeatable offer, top-notch service, and care that goes the extra mile. But your tired visual identity and weak brand strategy is holding you back, leaving competitors to steal the spotlight.

In today's crowded marketplace, igniting consistent brand recognition is no longer optional, it's essential. Let's unlock your brands true potential, stay competitive and watch your business soar. Remember, the best strategy and approach depends on your target audience, the message you want to convey and what you expect to achieve from your brand.

By establishing a strong brand strategy and experimenting with different visual concepts, highlighting the specific benefits of your companies offer and brand insights, you can create a more compelling and engaging message for your clients and customers.

Brand Identity Results from Motel


More than tripled revenue.


Company acquired at increased sale price.


Increased growth in service offering.

Brand Identity

Logo Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Verbal Identity
Visual Design Systems
Brand Personality

Brand identity design services: Our branding strategy and ethos

Customer-centric branding via brand strategy, not guesswork

We ditch the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, as a branding agency we use brand strategy and competitive research to obsess over your companies customers, the competitive landscape and target audience, and use these insights to identify, craft and develop a brand positioning with a clear purpose, brand values and a brand architecture that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of your clients and consumers. Now you can deliver brand focussed elevator pitches for your business!

Beyond the logo, building a brand ecosystem

We don't just design a logo, we create a complete brand experience based on your unique story. From visuals to messaging and tone of voice, our brand consultant process ensures every touchpoint reinforces your brand identity and is underpinned by the essential core values of your brand strategy.

Consistency is key, not coincidence

We're the brand identity coherence champions. As a brand identity firm, our strategy ensures your brand sings the same tune across all channels inline with your brand architecture, to create a seamless experience that builds customers trust and loyalty for your business.

Clear communication strategy, not marketing jargon

We believe in authenticity, not buzzwords. Our brand consultant will help you to create and develop a distinct brand voice, visual language and brand message via your unique brand strategy and brand architecture in order to communicate with your customers with messaging in a way that's clear, relatable, and human, with focus on fostering genuine customer connection to achieve the customer loyalty you desire.

Creating a brand identity, Our branding process

Get ready to unveil your brand's inner spark! This is where we embark on a creative journey and design process. At our brand design company, we explore and identify diverse visual avenues based on real customer insights and market research to bring your brand positioning to life. As a brand consultant we experiment with several unique approaches pushing your brand image and voice in different directions whilst importantly focusing around the key aspects of the brand strategy.

Visual research:

Through playful sketches and moodboard adventures, we'll uncover hidden facets of your brand, building a visual vocabulary that speaks volumes in your marketplace.


We'll distill your brand essence and develop three captivating moodboards, each a unique pathway to a powerful visual identity.

Design concepts:

Based on your chosen direction, we'll create three distinct brand concepts each with a distinct logo design, brand identity system and messaging, showcasing how your new brand idea and visual story can come to life through your brand image and visual system.


By incorporating these suggestions, you can transform your Brand Identity Concepts from a technical list and strategy into an exciting and engaging narrative that sets the stage for a successful brand creation journey for your company and services.

Bringing Your Brand to Life: Transforming Visual Concepts into Reality

The chosen brand concept now takes flight! We'll breathe life into your visual identity, meticulously crafting each element to resonate with your audience.

Design development:

We'll take your chosen direction, creative expression and logo design and sculpt it into a vibrant reality, demonstrating its power and versatility across all your brand channels.

Feedback and refinement:

Your company brand's DNA will be meticulously crafted through brand development by our brand consultant. We'll fine-tune every element, from your iconic logo to the playful patterns and captivating visuals, ensuring a cohesive and impactful experience.

Brand guidelines:

This isn't just a manual, it's your brand's legacy! It ensures consistency and empowers your team to be brand champions, future-proofing and propelling company success for years to come. Ensure your brand is setup and optimised for activation across everything from digital content, print ads and physical brand experiences.


Formalisation of a brand identity delivered to the client, where you take control of your brand identity with a comprehensive brand style guide. By ensuring consistent application of the logo across all platforms, your brand guidelines aim to solidify brand recognition and build trust with customers.

We establish continually evolving, long-standing relationships.


The brand refresh had an immediate and positive impact, empowering us to clearly articulate Apax’s competitive differences.


Mitch Truwit



Our expertise

As a brand identity agency, our brand identity design agency London consultants create award-winning brand visual identities for businesses based on a solid brand strategy foundation and creative services that have transformed brands across the world such as Apax, WePlay and ABPI. After spearheading campaigns at top London agencies, our brand identity services london consulting experience and brand strategy services brings a diverse range of businesses and clients, from global giants to national leaders.

Shaping the next generation of creatives with inspirational world leading brand identities and strategy our brand consultants have guest lectured at Nottingham Trent and Staffordshire Universities, where we aim to inspire future brands and industry leaders.


What is the difference between a brand strategist and a brand consultant?

Brand strategists have to have experience with a company and its operation to determine its future. Branding consultants design brands – creating a brand identity is critical for businesses and provides a creative, yet structured, and logical way of setting out a clear offer tailored around its target audience, in order to accomplishing future goals and ambitions.

What are the 4 elements of a brand and brand identity?

The four key elements that should be established by a brand identity design company; 1. Brand identity – is how you want your brand to be perceived; 2. Brand image – is how your brand is actually perceived; 3. Culture – refers to your core values and how you set an example for them; 4. Personality – refers to the human characteristics that your company has. A strong brand requires a strong brand identity, image, culture, and personality.

How much does a brand identity consulting design company charge?

Creativity comes in different shapes and sizes so costing a brand identity is never a one size fits all approach. Some projects will require more upfront strategic work and others might already have a well established brand that requires more of a visual and considered refresh than necessarily a complete brand identity overhaul.


What does a brand strategy agency do?


Are branding agencies worth it?


What is branding strategy of a company?


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