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The world's first tidal powered deep sea container terminal.


The Brief

Centre Port is the world’s first tidal powered deep sea container terminal based in The Wash and Fenlands, UK. The purpose of this new project is to; provide guardianship of the ecology, agriculture and preservation of the natural habitat in the face of escalating climate change; provide a major source of tidal energy to c600,000 homes and businesses in the region; and to boost the UK economy, capable of handling the world's largest container vessels trading with international deep sea markets.

Motel's brief was to establish a new brand identity and website for Centre Port to support with creating awareness of the project and obtain investment. The unique combination of industry, energy and ecology was to be transposed in the overall look and feel.

Our Approach

Motel produced a range of visual concepts for the new Centre Port identity, adjusting the focus surrounding the project theme. Of the routes proposed, a more industrial design was favoured that incorporated the flow of tidal energy with a 'CP' device. For the wordmark a bespoke typeface was hand-drawn referencing the angles within the new CP brand device. The device could be used standalone, as part of the wordmark lockup as well as house brand imagery and video. Given the deep sea location it seemed only natural to give Centre Port a blue colour palette and use imagery and video capturing natural sea water and waves.

A website was created for investors to find out more about the project which, launched at the project announcement in the Houses of Parliament, London late 2022.

The Results

+ Increasing investment within the first 6 months.

Logo before and after

We establish continually evolving, long-standing relationships.


Centre Port Holdings were seeking a futuristic, modern and affordable design agency during its launch phase and we found that with Motel. We worked together with Motel, from brand identity to creating an interactive website. They also supported us with marketing materials/content for our launch at the House of Commons which was time critical and complex. They listened and influenced which I feel is key in a marketing/branding/client partnership and we had fun along the way too... that always helps.


Sam Owen

Director of Comms & Marketing

Centre Port

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