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A simple strategy for commerce.


The Brief is a UK based online furniture wholesaler startup looking to make an impact on the UK commerce furniture market. Initially Motel were asked to help refresh their website design but a wider opportunity was identified in refreshing the brand identity together with a new approach to the company name, Basic Interiors – which would have undoubtedly held the growth and success of the company back.

Our Approach

Motel formulated a new brand narrative and name to move the business forward, from 'Basic' to a 'Simple' way of buying furniture. Simple fits the design style of the product offering as well as the core philosophy behind the business:

Simple design.
Simple price.
Simple service.

A bespoke typeface crafted with a human, rounded personality provides a homely and comforting identity for Simple. The curve of the ‘l’ comforts and hugs the ‘e’, to connect with the dot in the website domain – doubling up as a service with a smile.

The decision was made to lock the URL in with name to continually drive the digital commerce aspect of the business.

The Results

Following the creation of the new brand identity, website and marketing materials Simple increased revenue by as much as 1000%.

+ Revenue: £1K to £10K (per month)

Logo before and after

We establish continually evolving, long-standing relationships.



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