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Connecting home & school.


The Brief

Estia Tuition is an online Maths and English tuition platform for school children aged 5 –16 combining an intelligent online platform with access to fully qualified teachers for a blended learning experience. Estia support children at home in furthering their understanding and progress at school resulting in confidence and attainment.

Inspired by ancient traditions where children would gather around the fire in a family home to learn from their elders, Estia Tuition places education at the core and brings learning into the home and connecting with school.

Motel were commissioned to create a new visual identity for Estia with the goal of attracting new customers to generate business growth. Our brief was to capture the Greek reference of the name 'Estia' in a sophisticated manner and ensure the visual tone fits the education audience. Family and 1-2-1 teaching were also key aspects that needed to come across loud and clear, in comparison to other platforms that are more individual user-lead. Keywords for the design included; gathering; protection; comfort and learning.

Our Approach

For the Estia wordmark we chose a lower case Greek ε symbol and paired this with a combination of serif and sans serif fonts, juxtapositioning Estia and Tuition from one another. The ε then became a visual device and container to house brand-led photography of families and young people learning, illustrations, icons and messaging. The colours are Greek inspired including dark and mid blue tones contrasted with a pastel pink, a differentiating mix within the online tutoring sector. A secondary and standalone 'ed-tech' logo was created, from the dot of the i (also a Greek inspired diamond shape meaning 'invincible') to firmly position Estia, within both the industry and for it's audience, in the booming Education Technology sector.

Motel were then asked to apply the brand across a range of design applications including sales and investor presentations, website landing page, social media content marketing and even the redesign of the Estia learning portal.

The Results

+ c.2,800 families enrolled

+ 95.1% average mark

+ 454,647 lessons this year so far and growing!

Logo before and after

We establish continually evolving, long-standing relationships.


I have had the pleasure of working with Motel and I can confidently say that they are not your average agency. Their ability to add value, recommend new ideas, and support their clients is unparalleled. They don't just focus on making things pretty, they truly understand the importance of creating thoughtful and impactful designs. I have worked with this agency frequently and have always been pleased with the output. They have a flexible approach and are always solution-oriented, making them the go-to agency for any creative project. Their strong communication skills ensure that they keep their clients in the loop throughout the entire process, making sure that every detail is taken care of. They are also budget and time-conscious, which is a rare find in the creative industry. Overall, I highly recommend this agency to anyone in need of creative services. They are a team of experts who truly care about their clients and the work they produce. 


James Shepphard



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