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The Brief

Previously named KPS Digital Marketing, Knowlton are an award winning creative digital marketing agency in Kent working with businesses and brands Worldwide. Their services focus primarily on creative video production and campaign creation for social media.

Our task was to create a new brand identity for the business to reflect the change in the company moving from a founders startup model into a growing digital marketing agency. The identity needed to communicate the existing values of fun, innovation and trust whilst appealing to both SME's and large corporations.

Some original parameters were set surrounding the name, colour and style – but the ultimate goal for the new identity was capturing the vision of how to do things differently!

Our Approach

Motel's starting point was to suggest a simplification of the name, from KPS Digital Marketing, to Knowlton – the abbreviated letters were associated with the registered business name but shared little relevance to their services or audience. Knowlton, the surname of founding brothers Dan and Lloyd, who already had an impressive audience and following, meant a strong association with their name and the business seemed only beneficial. We also advised on the addition of a new tagline 'Leading Digital & Social' to ensure the companies service offering and capabilities were positioned at a high-level and clear to their audience.

With a simplified name we got to work on the creative execution of a new logo and identity concepts for the agency. From a range of visual ideas the chosen route was favoured based on it's close representation to the companies values and vision. The 'K' symbol, created from a series of overlapping transparent coloured loops, utilised a previously used green tone as well as a newly introduced blue and pink, together with respective overlapping tones. We demonstrated the flexibility and versatility of the new symbol through the creation of animation and close-in crops to create brand patterns and icons that can be paired with messaging to help communicate Knowlton's services and case studies.

The Results

The new Knowlton brand was hugely well received by the founders and wider team. The agency have more than quadrupled in size and have gone on to win big corporate client accounts including Wahl, Buy Whole Foods Online, SOLV and Compare and Recycle – with millions of pounds of tracked revenue for their clients.

The brand continues to support Knowlton with their growth trajectory, with a brand that is clearly relevant for their corporate client target audience. We look forward to seeing what comes next for Knowlton...

Logo before and after

We establish continually evolving, long-standing relationships.


Motel really went above and beyond what we expected with our rebrand. They opened our eyes to some amazing opportunities for our brand – we’d highly recommend to any business.


Lloyd Knowlton

Director, Knowlton


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