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The Brief

Iridium was founded in 2015 as the Middle East's first pure investor relations consultancy and technology firm. In a short time, Iridium established itself as the region's leading investor relations advisor.

Following the rebrand of Iridium in 2017 and 5 years of creating branded materials, we were asked to evolve the graphical elements used in Iridiums communications in order to add a fresh visual perspective. Enabling further flexibility, consistency and ease of use were key factors in getting this right.

Our Approach

Utilising the existing dot from the ellipses device in the Iridium logo, together with the now well established brand colours, we created a series of scientific-inspired graphics, each made up of smaller dots, to be used across materials including report covers, presentation covers, social media, website and corporate stationery. This theme ties in with Iridium's scientific approach to investor relations.

The abstract nature of the shapes means Iridium has the flexibility to use these for different content subjects and themes, in a format and order that suits the requirements. The ellipses dot device ensures consistency across the scientific and tech-inpsired abstract shapes. The purple backdrop on which the graphics sit was enhanced with a deeper, richer gradient tone to help the graphics further standout. Additional flexibility was added with dark and light graphic versions for alternating backgrounds, with guidance provided on positioning of graphics in-situ as well as cropping options. Scenarios were also demonstrated where the dot graphics were combined with photography cut-outs including buildings, people and objects.

The Results

The result is a subtle but distinctive refresh and evolution of the Iridium brand elements injecting a fresh design perspective, flexibility and consistency when creating company communications and materials.

Logo before and after

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