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A new, unique & innovative way of buying gold for profit.


The Brief

The gold market is flooded with underwhelming websites that feel dated and unappealing. The founders of AvantGold wanted their brand and website to be a better fit for their high-net-worth audience. They wanted to attract clients that were confident spending several thousands of pounds on the purchase of gold. With market leading ambitions they knew that they had to set the right tone.

Originally starting out under the name Optimal24, they lacked a point of difference and personality in both their name and identity. Motel were commissioned to redefine the business starting by identifying their point of difference and why people would purchase gold through the unique advance purchase method, opposed to more traditional methods.

We were challenged with renaming, rebranding and the creation of a new website to give them the tools to become the market leaders.

Our Approach

After carrying out research we presented several potential new names for the company. The new name AvantGold  helped to both capture their unique offer process, Avant meaning 'Advance', as well as leverage the wealth and sophistication of their target audience.

Following agreement on the naming process we were set the task of creating a new look and feel for the business that importantly reflected the personality and tone of the name and service offering.

Sometimes less is often more and, from a range of varied concepts, the simplest of our solutions was chosen for the elegance and clarity of message it delivered.

The raised ‘A’ in Avant visually demonstrates that their service sits above the competition. We paired this with a regal colour palette of purple and a controlled amount of gold to elevate the visual tone of the brand.

We then developed the brand look and feel including new typography, imagery direction and a modern, sophisticated layout style which was then applied to their brand communications.

The Results

The AvantGold brand provides its growing team with a platform that aligns with the calibre of clients they want to work with.

Motel created a luxurious brand that stands out in the marketplace, along with a new website that’s fast, user-friendly and responsive, with an easy-to-manage CMS and built to support SEO.

Logo before and after

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